Feeding Three Hungry Boys

I’m hungry, is something I hear a lot in my house. In a house full boys, food is always at the top of their brains it feels like. I do my very best to make sure we have balanced meals that provide enough for everyone. We live on a rather tight budget so making each meal as filling as possible on the cheap is the way to go. Limiting mid day snacking is a must especially now! I am off work because its summer time as my job is during the school year and I could get a job but with two older boys and a 4 month old its cheaper if I don’t. Plus I don’t think daycare is something I am ready for by far with all of this virus stuff happening. We have to stretch that dollar the best that we can; its no time to be a food snob that’s for sure! If it fills your belly its good enough for us. After all I have two big boys and my husband to cook for; while the baby gets formula and that stuff ain’t cheap! It may not be cheap but it is important, probably one of the most important things we currently buy! Ringing in at the register at about $20.00 per can is how expensive. We figured up that it takes about 3 full cans of formula to get us through until the next check, hopefully. With $60 of our budget going to just baby formula then occasionally $25 more to diapers money is very tight at the moment as most of the rest goes to bills & gas money.
It puts so much stress on our shoulders as parents but its all worth it, for sure! I don’t know if my husband realizes how much stress it puts on me though. Sadly I feel like he doesn’t know how much planning goes into each and every item I put on our grocery list. I have to contemplate what is necessary and what is not; deciding if we can get something my boys ask for or not. That seems to be the hardest and then trying to make it work the best that you can sometimes still having to say no we can’t afford to get that. Since all of this virus stuff has happened we use our local aisles online shopping; which is where you fill in the grocery cart online then they shop for you. Your card doesn’t get charged until they have finished the shopping because of price variation. It makes it easier for me; because have any of you ever sent your husband to the store with your envisioned shopping list? Exactly! Each item that I put on that list will play a crucial role in our next couple of weeks or more depending on the item bought. It may provide many meals for us that we will need.

Yesterday I really felt like the world was against me as I had our lunch meal in the crock pot the night before but with a baby who wasn’t feeling the best on my hands that night then through the whole day yesterday; I forgot to take it out in time and it burnt up. I felt so heart broken because that was a protein meal for my whole family and I ruined it! I fortunately was able to salvage some parts of it so now it was going to be okay, right? Wrong, wouldn’t you know it was too good to be true because I got busy and distracted with the sick baby and then burnt it again. I felt so low. If you have ever counted on food, the meals you have planned out are important. I was and still am just so upset with myself. Some people would think; hey no big deal just make something else; that was protein for my family it was important; it cost money that we cannot afford to lose. Sure I did make something else but what I made was meant for today. Meat isn’t the cheapest right now and it’s getting more difficult to find some kinds of meat as well. My meal schedule is behind, well that is what it feels like. When I have planned so diligently perfecting each and every meal idea and sometimes just improvising at the last minute with whatever ingredients we have on hand. Just to make it to the next pay check; barely scraping by it feels like.
We are not poor people by any means, we are just currently going through these waves called life. Trying so hard to keep our heads above the water long enough to brace for the next one. Budgeting our money is what will help keep everything in order; food, gas, diapers, bills, and just maybe some extra for fun. Today has been a long awaited day; its pay day! I stayed up last night perfecting the grocery list; figuring out what we could get and what we couldn’t afford to get. This is a special week, the Fourth of July is Saturday but the most important day is Friday my husbands birthday. I worked very hard to make sure we could get a little extra this week for groceries; enough for a box of cake mix, some ice-cream, & maybe some smaller fireworks for the kids to enjoy! I am sure it will be a fun one, can’t wait!

Have any of you, my readers gone through similar experiences?
How did you manage? Any tips? (Comment below, if your brave enough to share.)

I hear about these places that have those discount grocery stores which have lower priced groceries and discounted items. We can only dream of a place like that around here; maybe someday. Where we live there’s a Dollar General, a Walmart, and two grocery stores Hyvee & Fareway. There is a food pantry for those who really need it. I don’t see us in this category anymore. We have been grateful for being able to use the pantry in the past but now everything is just a little more tight but doesn’t mean we require a food pantry now. I know that times are tough for a lot more people than just me and my family. I know that some way some how it’s all gonna work its way out in the end for us and hopefully for you too!

Are there any discount grocery stores where you live?
How do they compare to regular grocery stores?

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