Homemade Mac N Cheese

Welcome, here I hope to connect with you through my kitchen tips, tricks, and recipes. Sharing some of my kitchen knowledge with you!

Today I am going to take you through the steps of how I make homemade Mac N Cheese from scratch.

First thing that I do is take a large pot and fill it up about half way with water, you should have enough in the pot to cover the pasta you pour into the pot. You can use any kind of dry pasta; get creative you will find out what works best for you. I use whatever kind of pasta I have on hand. Pour the box into the water so that the water covers it and bring it to a rolling boil; cook until the pasta is Al Dente meaning not too mushy but not hard in the middle somewhere. I gauge it by the is this how I want to eat my pasta method. Just use your best judgment when testing the pasta as it cooks until it is the right consistency.

While the pasta is cooking I will take another pot or deeper skillet and melt about a half a stick of butter down on medium heat. You want to then add in flour by sprinkling it in with your melted butter whisking them together until it forms into a paste. At this stage is when you want to add in your milk. Then whisk until the milk is incorporated with the butter flour mixture. Then while continually stirring bring it to a boil, this will activate the flour as a thickening agent.

After it has started to boil reduce the heat and add in your cheese continuing to stir until the cheese is incorporated at this point you should have a thickened sauce; you can add more cheese depending on your liking. Cheese will help thicken it up. (if you have cornstarch you can follow package directions and use it instead of flour) I would add cheese to thicken it however if you messed up and its not thick enough you can add flour after the milk & cheese stage the only thing is that you may have some lumps of flour in your sauce.

Once cheese sauce is to a thickened consistency and you have drained your pasta. Mix both of them together with optional seasonings or meat/veggies to mix in. (you can add meat or saute’d veggies to add a little more to it). Your final product should look and taste like Mac N Cheese.


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