Caring for Your Grill

Recently my mom gifted our family with a grill she had won; I have always wanted to own a grill. It may sound silly but it was on my bucket list. Grills were just too expensive and if I had to choose between that or something useful for our family I wasn’t going to spend the money on a grill. I refer to myself a lot in this gift of receiving a grill as a gift because I am the main one who uses it. Go figure that mom jack of all trades is also grill master in the family. I have been using it like crazy; we were also gifted a propane tank to go along with it by another family member so I have been trying to learn as much as I can about how to cook or what to cook. It has been a learning process well worth the rewards. Like all things that you cook food on it needs to be cleaned regularly; yesterday was the perfect day to get it done.

I took my grill grates off, then the three burner covers off, & finally removed the grease trap and put all of it in my kitchen sink. I know it sounds silly to give a play by play of how I did it but I am thinking of it like this what if someone else is in the same shoes that I am in. I figure this may help them learn while I am learning myself; so bare with me. When I clean my kitchen I am a firm believer in using very hot water with dish soap; then of course a nice pair of rubber gloves to protect my hands as I have eczema that gets irritated by some soaps.

I took a couple of old sponges & a steel wool scrubber and went to work. I placed my sink stopper in the bottom of the sink so nothing but water drained down. After I got each piece scrubbed down and rinsed off I took them outside to dry in the sun. I emptied the sink stopper after scrubbing each piece down as well to keep the amount of debris in the sink to a minimum. Then after they were done I moved on to giving the inside of my grill a quick scrub down as well.

Since my grill grate is cast iron I also sprayed it down with oil before putting it back in my grill. You could also brush it on after putting it back in if you wanted to. Learning is a apart of this; If you see something that I may need to do differently feel free to leave me a comment I am eager to learn more. I do not have a grill brush yet as all I can find are the wire ones and with past experiences of those little wires coming off of the brush I don’t like those kinds so hoping I can find something different real soon. If you don’t have a brush to keep your grill grates clean then I recommend thoroughly cleaning your grill more often. Keeping it clean will help keep your grill running longer & safer as when there is too much debris on the grates flare up’s are more likely to happen. Flare ups are when your grill catches fire in the wrong places which with a gas tank below can cause an explosion to occur. (Note: if a flare up occur’s sprinkle baking soda on top of the flames after turning off the heat & propane. The baking soda is the closest thing to a fire extinguisher if you do not have one in the case of a grease fire. Do Not use water or anything else it will make it worse. Baking soda is the way to go; so if you have a grill it’s best to keep some baking soda on hand just in case!)

Thanks for reading drop a like & follow my social media below. As you can see from the after picture above of what the grill looks like now you can see the importance of taking care of things even the grill. The more effort you put into keeping your kitchen & tools that are used to prepare food as clean as possible the longer they will last.
I will link a video by Home Depot on cleaning a grill here below. I did not clean mine outside or take the burners out as they did not need to be scrubbed down but this video shows you how to do it all on a propane powered grill. They use a wire brush but I know there are other types of brushes out there to use or you can use a steel wool scrubber like I did. Here is that video.

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