Four Ways I Enjoy Time to Myself

It is important as a mom/dad to set aside some you time, even if it feel impossible at times. I don’t know about anyone else but I have been home a lot more than I would have been originally and that includes having my youngest. The extra extra time has been real great but sometimes I need some me time! It feels as if I should feel guilty to feel that way but I don’t. Over the past 4 months I have been spit up (puked) on every single day multiple times a day, I have been peed on a lot, I have screamed & yelled at my older kids, and I have been pushed to my limits more times than I can count. It’s time! Here are some ways I take time for myself while being stuck at home. It may not seem like a big vacation but sometimes it’s the little things in life that have the biggest impact!

Cook/Bake Something Special

Kind of defeating the whole purpose of relaxing a bit by doing more work. I know more work I have cooked and cleaned 24/7 why would I want to do more of that; because I am making something for myself. It can be super fancy with lots of steps to make or something simple. I have put myself into everything else for everyone else in my household sometimes I find me time by cooking something just for me. Sometimes everyone else gets what I want for a change. Its the least I deserve, right?
Check on Pinterest or Google for an idea of what to make. There are millions of things to make in your kitchen, ranging from delightful desserts to a hearty suppers. Try going on an adventure in your own kitchen. Get a rough idea of what you want to make and go for it. Having you time is very important even if it is just during nap time or late at night before you go to bed. When ever it is enjoy it!

Enjoy Some Fresh Air

Nothing better than being able to go outside and get some fresh air, but kind of impossible to do any relaxing if the kids are with you. My time spent outside with my kids is very loud, there’s somehow mud when there was no rain, they fight even out here, someone is always attempting a dual with a flying creature especially those with stingers, & not to mention the heat being less tolerable when your blood pressure gets raised. Not really the calm, nice, relaxing outdoors you dream about. When my little guys are asleep or really when the my older little guys are asleep as the baby doesn’t do any of those things above, yet. I will go out check on my garden & sit out in the shade for just a little bit. That calm time is just perfect. I imagine if I was a reader I could take a book with me but enjoying the sunshine on my skin is just as good. Looking up at the clouds or watching the birds. Something so peaceful about that, definitely quieter this way!

Clean Something

For me there is always chaos everywhere I look all the time. So as you would imagine chaos brings clutter & messes. I enjoy cleaning in my spare time; its a time for me to make things look nice again even if it is briefly. When the kids are down for a nap I will pick a room and start cleaning. Picking stuff up, organizing, & sometimes rearranging the house. There’s just something about all of it that is calming and peaceful not to mention the work out you are able to squeeze in. I always end up feeling better about my house & even myself at times.

Relaxation Time

Whether I am sitting here writing up a post on the computer or laying on the couch snuggled up in a warm blanket watching a bit of TV for myself, just having some plain Jane relaxing time is sometimes all I need. My kids will watch their own kinds of TV or play loud noisy gaming devices on the TV’s; so when I have a chance to have TV time or computer time to myself its great! Its a different feel versus having a chaotic house while trying to focus to write up a blog post or lay down long enough to call it me time.

As you can see I tend to spoil myself during the down time. That time when I need it most to keep my sanity and give me some sort of boost until my husband returns home from work. I look forward to that time! It may not be drinks with friends or going out for a evening on a date night. No, its not any of those things; nothing too fancy. Its more of a series of mini stay-cations that is just for me, Mom! Whether your a stay at home mom or dad you should always try to find the niche in your life that will allow you to have those mini stay-cations because after all you freaking deserve it!

Thanks for checking in and taking the time to read my blog post! I am working on growing this blog the best that I can by writing things on my heart & mind. I am working hard to keep up on the posts. If you could follow me on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. They are a work in progress as I am trying to find that perfect balance on posting to all of them; could use some likes/follows on all so please check them out!

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