Meal Time

Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Finding recipes that my boys will enjoy can be tough at times; my husband and I live by the whats for dinner is what you get rule. We as a family don’t like to waste food and I as there mom will make sure we get the most out of every ingredient/meal possible. I often take one meals left overs and re-purpose them to a whole new meal for the next time. I try to mix things up with a variety of meals that everyone will enjoy to make meal time easier but at the same time I try to mix in healthy sides into the meal. For tonight’s supper I am making mini corn dog muffins the recipe and step by step instructions are below!


1 Pkg Hot Dogs
2 Boxes Jiffy Corn Bread Mix (or a corn bread recipe of your choice)


Note: I used the two boxes of premixed Jiffy cornbread mix but you can use just an ordinary cornbread recipe of your choice. This is more of a throw together meal versus an actual recipe but it was still very good & my boys just got so excited, especially having muffins for supper. I will also note that I made 12 muffins worth of cornbread.

Preheat your oven to the temperature your cornbread recipe calls for. The Jiffy recipe is for 400 degrees F.
Grease a regular 12 count muffin tin, thoroughly then some more. (my attempt at this resulted in not using enough grease, see in pic at bottom)
Mix up cornbread according to directions.
Pour cornbread mixture into muffin tins filling up about 3/4 full in each.
Next take your package of hot dogs and slice them up to desired size. I gave ours a chop rather than a coin slice.
Place in oven for corn bread cook time plus maybe a little more, just to get it all cooked through.

I served ours up with a traditional ketchup & mustard combo.
Everyone enjoyed this fun meal; it can be served with a side or two or just eat it as is!

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