Get Prepared!

I think that just about everyone was a little under prepared for COVID-19. It wasn’t expected and that surprise caused a mass effect to everyone in the world not just some countries but all of them. Wow when you think about the effect of it, it’s mind blowing! Stores everywhere sold out of all sorts of sanitation products some you still cannot find, they sold out of toilet paper, they sold out of a lot of food items of all kinds, the meat factories/processors are to my knowledge booked pretty much the rest of the year solid or close to it; this virus caused a mass wave of chaos and the domino effect is still going just now in other forms. I wasn’t prepared for this or anything like it to have happened; but like a lot of people out there I want to get prepared. In my opinion this is not over and it will continue to unravel the world as we know it. I want my family and I to be able to survive and stay fed & healthy if things were to shut down again; and with everything the way it has continued to domino downward it is completely possible it will happen sooner rather than later. Now the questions is how will I accomplish this?

Make a Plan

With anything you set out to do in your life before you can really accomplish anything you need to come up with a plan one what it is you are setting out to accomplish. I find that the best way to make a plan is on paper. I am old fashioned I guess because while computers are great and all I would rather write it all out visually in front of me on paper. I will write out what I want to stock up on by writing my list up by individualized categories. Doing it this way will help keep things organized. For instance our family of five consists of me, my husband, our two older boys, & our new infant so we will have to plan to stock up on baby items on top of regular items for our family. The best way to keep all of what we need organized is by writing it out and separating each item into categories. Just like I did below.

Look for the Best Deals

Now is the time to start stocking up for the coming Winter months especially living here in Iowa where I know it already comes with its own set of challenges without the possibility of another wave of COVID-19. We tend to have really cold Winter’s with lots of snowy days and I know that with how things are currently getting regular items from the store may be near impossible this year so it is better to be safe than sorry. It is the tail end of July 2020 and Summer is getting ready to come to an end here in a couple of months by the middle of September we will have that colder weather setting in. The start of Fall then Winter will follow after that by a couple more months. I look at my weekly store ads and when I do go into our local stores I look for every possible deal that works for our family and that we can afford to get at the time. I have gotten into the habit to pick a little bit of extra up even if we don’t need it at the moment I am sure we will in the future. Stocking up little by little will be helpful for us in the future especially for the upcoming colder months. Also when I go to my stores I look in my clearance aisles just in case! There is clearance in the grocery sections and the household areas and if you can’t seem to find yours you can always ask!

Preparing a Stockroom

Having a location for everything extra that is going to be stocked up is something else that you need to think about. Where ever it is keep in mind that a cool dry location such as a basement or room with no windows would be ideal. Unless of course your basement gets damp or has a habit of flooding…
Most people have a pantry room or location for pantry items; if not make one! You will need a place to store all of the extra items that you have acquired for the upcoming Fall & Winter months. I am in the process of creating a pantry space upstairs on our main floor but our basement will also be a great place that doubles as a storage area as it never floods and has the ideal conditions that you need to store our items. Besides finding the location to store your extra goods you need to be able to store them properly depending on how long you are preparing for. I am mainly stocking up for the Fall & Winter but I am also looking into storing some of my items longer term. I will do a post over that when I get everything that is needed to do that process. Most of the longer term storage items that need to be prepared are food items. Things like toiletries & cleaning products just need to be stored somewhere that they will not get damaged and somewhere that is out of reach from kids. Be sure to store items like medications in a lockable case or up high to keep kids out of it. We use a tool box with a padlock for storing our medications.

If you have a freezer or freezers this is where you should store items like meats & vegetables unless you plan to can those things then make sure you learn how to do it properly to prevent botulism. As for my family we will be utilizing our freezer space for things like meats, extra bread, freezing vegetables/stocks, & extra milk/dairy products. I always make sure my freezers are well organized, that way I know where everything is and what I have available to use. It is important to make sure you are familiar with items in your stockroom/pantry and/or freezer so you know what you may need more of or less of. A good way to make sure that everything is used first to last is by organizing. Make sure you label items with a date somewhere that is easy to see (if the date is at the bottom use a permanent marker to write it on top of the item). This will help keep the items in order and help you use the older items first and rotate your stockroom easier.

Gather Essential Non-Food Items

We all need food/water to live but for some that is not all that they need to live. Some people require medications to survive or will need machines such as nebulizers or sleep apnea machines to be able to breathe air. If you fall into this category you should be figuring out a plan to get extra medications if you can afford to do so. Try talking to your doctor about setting a plan in play. See if you can have extra scripts on file for a just in case scenario I mean its worth a try. Some medications are restricted but some are not. Breathing machines will need electricity so even if you had thought about getting a generator for your freezer but haven’t gotten around to it think about medical needs as well. That generator should be bought sooner rather than later as your life could depend on it. Generators should be on your list for sure due to medical necessity of course but also if you have food stored in the freezers and refrigerators that you and your family depend on. And depending on the type of generator you will need to plan accordingly. If it is a gas generator you will need to stock up on gasoline as well as having a place to store gas cans out of the elements. You luck out with solar generators as the sun is free and has its place in the sky so no need for storing it. Just keep in mind that you should become familiar with a solar generator and how to fix it if it were to become unusable during a necessary time. Having books and manuals on the items you are obtaining is also another great thing to have in storage. A library of sorts will help bring you knowledge especially if you lose power and the internet is down; that phone may only be good for holding down a page in a book in the end!

Prepare for Any Situation

While we currently live in the modern age where things like electricity & running water come easy to us there could be a future where those things rarely or no longer exist. You should prepare your mind and your family for a scenario where clothes will be washed by hand, food will be cooked over a camp fire, and just about everything else will have to be done the good old fashioned way. You may have a pantry or freezer stocked to the brim but what will happen if that runs out? Being able to grow your own food is just as important in my mind so stocking up on seed packets & gardening supplies is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.
The best way is to prepare your mind; knowledge is power! This brings me back to a topic I have already touched on but in the end may be the only way to obtain knowledge which is to have a library of all sorts of books & manuals somewhere safe away from moisture. You may not need it now but some good survival books and how to live the old fashioned way books might do you some good some day. Instead of only depending on what we have now you should learn to depend on other things that we take for granted or at least keep them in stock. You should keep things like matches or lighter on hand. Those batteries will only last for so long and with out gas for a car or the internet getting more after you run out may be impossible. To go along with the ability to light a fire think about stocking up on some candles or something to use for a lamp (oil lamps). Lehman’s has a variety of old fashioned items at their store HERE as well as a variety of oil lamps HERE that’s worth checking out. I have even read that some citrus fruits like oranges can double as a olive oil lamp that will burn just like a candle. The point is you should prepare and get knowledgeable about those things.
At one point in my life I was very enthusiastic about prepping I learned a lot about preparing for a SHITF scenario or scenario’s. I have filled my head with knowledge that until the year 2020 happened I had not seen a real need for those preparations until 2020 happened and is still happening. It like oh well that will never happen and I guess somewhere along the line I just believed that. Even though I was sure wrong because we all live in that impossible year I am glad I was able to fill my head with the knowledge all that time ago. I feel prepared in a way because I am not just starting out in this prepping world and I know some of it already it is just putting what I know to good use and continuing to learn from this point on.

Get Prepared!

Covid-19 hit most of us out of nowhere but some of us not so much. Some of us were able to prepare and will continue to do so. Those of us who are now awake and just starting out need to get prepared and get to learning how or what needs to be done to do so. You shouldn’t be discouraged because you are not already prepared you should charge the mound and go for it. It was only a month or so ago that the stores were sold out of just about every kind of food item, meats were so high priced or out of stock altogether, essential food items were out of stock, & the postal system as well as the internet was so backed up it felt like it would never get un-stuck. It just happened and I am afraid that it is not over just yet and may not be for sometime. Get prepared now while you still can because the system could break all over again just like it did not that long ago.

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