Christmas in July

Right now at your local Walmart your going to find a whole clearance aisle of fun toys that are priced super low, how do I know this because I managed to snag some at my local Walmart store. My store had big Buzz Lightyear toys, an assortment of Ryan’s World Toys, Hatchimals, Paw Patrol, PJ Mask cars/figures, kinetic sand, and so much more. The majority of the toys were priced under $10 and they weren’t all the tiny surprise packs. The Ryan’s world toys were the surprise packs they rang in at $1 or lower. My boys are into fun science/projects at the moment and these were perfect; we got the surprise fizzy balls and the surprise slime tubs. This was a special treat as we don’t normally allow slime in our house.
Now since we are doing fun little projects in our house I thought we could share a surprise fizzy ball with you. They are the Ryan’s World Mystery Splasher Surprise the one we are using is purple in color this is important because each one has a unique fruity smell to it! These are NOT bath bombs! I wasn’t sure if it would stain so to be safe I use a dark cake pan but you could use what ever you want to use. It will stain the hands a little bit so you could wear gloves to protect your hands but it won’t hurt you unless you have an allergy to dye (this probably isn’t for you).

Every fizzy ball has a clue on the outside underneath the packaging that gives a hint of what is inside. Can you guess what we got in ours?

Let’s Get Started

What You Need:

  • At least one Ryan’s World Mystery Splasher Surprise Ball (the more the merrier).
  • A stain proof container that holds enough water for Fizzy Ball to dissolve in.
  • Water to dissolve the Fizzy Ball in.
  • A fun attitude!
  • Note: These are marketed for ages 3 years old and up (if your kid puts things in his mouth or likes to taste things this may not be for you!
  • Adult Supervision!


  1. Open package.
  2. Place fizzy ball in a stain proof bowl that is filled with water.
  3. Watch the magic.
  4. Unveil the surprise inside.
  5. Enjoy!

I know this could seem a bit silly to do a how to on this sort of thing but my kids really enjoyed doing these and hearing an honest opinion from someone who has watched the excitement from her kids while unveiling the surprises inside these fizzy ball things may help you decide if its worth it. My boys enjoyed them so much I have spread them out over a few days so they have something to look forward to. These were on sale and since they are normally $4 I want them to get as much enjoyment out of these as possible; we don’t normally buy these sorts of things but for a buck it was worth it to buy a bunch! I have seen reviews over the product online and I mainly think it is because of the original price and at $4 original price I probably would only buy one maybe two if it was a birthday request. $4 for this isn’t super worth it but that’s why I encourage you to go check your local in store Walmart Clearance Aisle before they run out. These were a great buy and they are super fun, I loved seeing my boys faces light up!

Thanks for reading. Drop a like and follow this blog! Check out some of my other posts and follow me on social media. I apologize for not getting a new post up as often this week I am trying to get everything ready for our homeschooling adventure. Our house has been super crazy this week but I am trying I assure you!

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