This is not a sponsored post!

Lately my family has been working on living on less; we have cut back on the paid monthly streaming services especially. We are putting the necessary costs first and saving the rest for other things that are needed but not currently within reach for the future. To replace these streaming services I have been looking for other options; we utilize YouTube(the free version), PBS Kids, and more recently we have stumbled upon Peacock. Peacock has so many TV series for free from kids shows to adult shows; they are pretty decent and not those cheesy ones that pretend to be shows because they are free. This is the good stuff. Shows like: New Amsterdam, Psych, Monk, A.P. BIO, Law & Order, Curious George, Top Chef Junior, and so much more. They have several categories TV shows, Movies, Kids Shows, News. Most of the streaming is free but they do offer a service that will offer more to watch for a fee but it is not needed as you can watch most of it for free. You create a free account and then you can start watching after you confirm your email. If you wish to upgrade your account you can do so in your account settings. Each show or movie that is premium and requires a higher level of service has a little feather up in the corner in purple; everything else that does not have that is free to watch.

I just thought I should share this nugget of information because maybe not everyone has heard of it and would like some other options as far as TV goes. As a family we are trying to steer away from the paid TV as much as possible and it’s for the best because some of those have just a bunch of unwanted junk in them anyways and we were paying for them even if we weren’t watching those shows. Like I mentioned at the beginning this is in no way a sponsored post I just wanted to share this with other people, so enjoy!

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