Garden Harvesting 2020

It’s taken nearly all of summer but I am finally picking fresh sweet corn. The corn variety that I planted is a white sweet corn which was a different kind than I normally have grown in the past. I was nervous that since it was a different variety and from a new seller it may not turn out but to my surprise it turned out pretty good with little complaints. I don’t do any pesticides as I grow all the garden food naturally. There is a little bug damage to some ears but not much; I would say my one complaint with this variety is that a lot of the ears that put on are very small.
Out of the 30 ears about half of them are on the smaller side compared to a full sized ear of corn for all of them. Today is the second time this week that I have picked corn from my small garden both times getting about the same amount pictured below. With half of the corn planted not turning out to the size I had hoped for I will not have a bunch to freeze this year but like mentioned in previous posts this years garden was a test to see what grows well in this new area.
We moved into this house last year so even though we live in the same area that we both grew up in, my husband & I; this marks our first year growing a garden at this house. Living in Iowa corn usually does pretty well so for my plan next year is to plant triple and maybe even quadruple what I planted this year. We love our corn! Everything else will have to find a balance on and learn when the best time is to grow some of the other plants I tried out this year.

The tomatoes have finally put on fruit this year but I did expect a later time for putting fruit on because I got started in my garden later than I wanted to. There are none that have turned that ripe red color but will soon be on their way. I have two varieties that I planted this year; a Beefsteak & a Roma. Both varieties are coming on most of the plants that I planted. I have them a little too close together this year so will be planting further apart next spring. In the picture you will see that they kind of exploded into vegetation; we have had quite a lot of rain recently so they went a little wild. On a few of my tomato plants they have gotten sick and from what I have learned from YouTube and just reading up on growing a garden when a plant gets sick from what ever, it can spread to other plants.
Now I am not sure if it is only spread between plants of the same variety or any plant in general but to be safe I am trying my best to separate the sick ones from the healthy ones. I haven’t had to tear any up as the main ones that have gotten sick are in the containers so I have just moved them away from what I planted in the ground to another part of the yard. This is mainly because some of those sick plants have fruit on them and they don’t look like the fruit is suffering so I want to see if those turn out even if the plant is sick.
Maybe one of you reading this knows what to expect? If so let me know in the comments. I am on a learning journey and in order to learn I need to experience; I learn best by doing. I expect that in a couple of weeks or less depending on the weather I should be expecting ripened tomatoes for our family to enjoy too.

As the summer is nearing its end and the fall is coming afterwards a lot of people usually start planting a fall garden for fall harvesting before winter. I will not be planting for fall this year I hope that next year I will be able to when I have a bigger garden area that is more organized than this years is. I have an over crowding of tomatoes in the area that I would just tear out to plant a fall garden but since they have taken over the small space I will try it next year.
Also I have watermelon that I tried to grow this year in containers and surprisingly enough I managed to grow actual fruit but I worry they are not going to get very big and they are a big melon variety. I am just watching them and letting them do their own thing. The melons and bell peppers seem to take the longest to grow.
Unfortunately I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get bell peppers on all of the plants I planted as I am just now starting to have those fruit set on a couple of plants. Everything else in our little garden was a giant flop! The pea plant has gotten sick after holding on for so long it is starting to die off. I more than likely will not plant peas next year my family didn’t really get a great amount from our plants this year and even if we did plant more they just aren’t a plant that we would want an abundance of in our garden with limited space to work with it is best to plant food that we will get the most benefits out of.

We have been over joyed to be able to harvest the food we have been able to grow this season it has helped give us fresh vegetables for us to eat and saved us money. I have learned a lot of different tips/tricks this year and will carry that knowledge on into the future. Quite a lot of our plants didn’t turn out to produce anything; what did will provide us something at least and what has yet to give us anything but still growing has hope to provide us with something, as there is still time before that first frost hits our area. This has been a fun gardening year and it isn’t over just yet. I know that this next spring will be just as great because even though I don’t know how it will go I know that I will learn something new.

Thank you for reading this post; I thought I would share our recent harvests from our garden and kind of give an update of some of what I have been up to lately. Drop a like below and follow me on social media!

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