3 Reasons To Buy Second Hand

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Having a family no matter how big or how small means everyone needs a lot of things and those things can be expensive! Kids are always growing they go through sizes before you can blink. Buying clothes just to have to buy new ones not far from that shopping trip because kids are growing all the time just isn’t a smart use of the hard earned money that your family is making. For my family it just doesn’t make sense to throw let’s say $20 for a single outfit just the shirt and pants give or take a few dollars just for those two items; and that is using the logic that I have underwear or socks on hand that fit which ever boy the outfit is for. At Walmart depending on the sales going on I could maybe get two outfits out of a $20 per boy if the clearance deals are in my favor. Meanwhile at a second hand store such as Good Will or other thrift stores in my area I can get shirts of all kinds of brands anywhere from $1 each-$4 each sometimes more depending on what kind of shirt it is. In that case I wouldn’t purchase those. For pants depending on what they are (jeans, sweats, dress, or sporty) those range from $2-$5+ each when comparing between Walmart brand prices only or even Dollar General brand prices to thrift store prices the winner is very clear!

Often times some people put shame on shopping at second hand or even using hand me down clothing because it’s not new and I am tired of that! Who care if it’s not the newest or latest trend in clothing; it’s clothes that do the main job clothing is for and that is to keep you warm and covered. I have found many name brand clothes shopping second hand and they are always cheaper than buying them brand new which is the smarter way to shop in my opinion! If you are able to where name brand clothes for a fraction of the original price wouldn’t you? My answer would be yes; although I don’t usually fixate on those stigmas such as brands because if it fits it works no matter who makes it! If your on the fence on shopping second hand for whatever reason I would like you to keep an open mind at least until you check out my 3 reasons that I feel make shopping second hand definitely worth it!


Price of anything and everything is always on my mind when I go shopping no matter what it is that I am purchasing. If something is too expensive then that will change the ability to buy something else on my shopping list. Where ever I can cut the price in half or further is how I am able to buy things like groceries for my family or have those fun special pizza nights that happen once in a while because I am very price conscious in my spending. One place we cut prices is when we shop for clothing, specifically kids clothing! Buying second hand just makes the most sense when shopping for clothing especially kids clothing because of the fact that they are still growing and purchasing new is a rare thing that is usually only spent on underwear & socks but everything else has been used by someone else at some point in its little clothing life span. If I could find items like socks & undies used I would get those too but I haven’t had a real strike of luck in finding those items in the past so it is what it is. With those items; they are usually only purchased at special times for gifts or once in a growth spurt for the oldest because the rest get the handed down ones of course! Like I mentioned above buying second hand gives a huge amount of clothing in price when they are purchased used versus in the store brand new. We are able to get more outfits out of a $20 bill than buying brand new in store. Saving money on clothing helps bring in more of other house hold necessities such as food, toiletries, school supplies, or even medicines. Keep in mind the amount of money you could have for other important items that can’t be bought second hand if you were to use less money on clothing that can be purchased used or second hand the next time you are low on funds! Note: You can buy second hand clothes for the whole family not just for the kids!


Quality, of clothing can often be based on how much you are willing to spend on clothing you want to get. Usually buying cheaper priced clothing at stores that sell cheaply made clothes are clothing that will not hold up for very long and tend to fall apart easier because of how they are made. However being able to purchase clothing second hand gives me an upper hand for my families clothing needs. Reasons being that I am getting better quality clothing that would normally cost a fortune for our family new and getting those better quality of clothes at a cheaper price instead. Keeping the quality of clothes that will hold up a lot longer than others! I love being able to get great quality clothing at an affordable price.


Quantity; getting the most bang for your buck is what a majority of the world is facing especially now during 2020. When making purchasing decisions for our family for clothing I as a mom am always trying to get the most per dollar that is allowed. Buying clothing from second hand clothing for our family is a great way to get more clothing for the money we are spending for that category. Second hand clothing is always a whole lot cheaper than buying brand new most of the time unless you are hitting a really great clearance deal in the store which does happen from time to time but not enough for it to even out the price by relying on just clearance deals. Most of the time you get $1-$4 for clothing at second hand stores or sometimes higher depending on what you are looking for; in those cases where a item of clothing may be higher than the $1-$4 range would be for a really dressy article of clothing but still when compared to buy that same thing brand new you are getting a real deal due to it being way cheaper used. A good way to make sure you are getting the best deal is to look it up on your google search just to make sure if you are having doubts on whether you are getting a fair deal. This is a great way to make sure that you are spending the right amount of money for that item of clothing especially on a budget that needs more clothing purchased for the amount you are allowed to spend on clothes in general. Usually for our family this isn’t a big deal if something is too much I will look for something else at that used clothing store or go to a different store to keep looking for the right deal that fits our needs. Sometimes if I cannot find the right thing in store I turn to online stores like eBay or Facebook swap groups to see if I can find the right item for us.

Purchasing second hand is how I do most of our clothing shopping and we as a family end up spending less money on clothing that in turn between three boys will be passed on from each boy getting great use out of it before it goes on to someone new depending on how well loved each item of clothing is in the end of our ability to use it. For my husband and I we rarely have to buy clothing because as adults we aren’t growing too much anymore so that helps with the hard earned money we are earning as well, but when we do need clothes or even shoes the first places we look for them is second hand shops as a lot of times they have exactly what we need and when they don’t to the nearest clearance rack it is! Second hand shopping isn’t just for clothing; did you know that you can buy all sorts of household items & furniture used just as well as clothing? I encourage you to explore the world of purchasing second hand/used clothing & other items that you may need for your house/family. You will save money and more than likely will get an even better deal than you would have gotten brand new! These 3 reasons are why I feel that buy used or second hand clothing/items is well worth it versus buying it all brand new. And I think that if you are on the fence about it all that you should at least give it a try as clothing and shoes can be washed/sanitized; furniture can be cleaned; used kitchen items or other household items can be washed/sanitized just as well. There is really no reason to be wasting your hard earned money on brand new items all the time when you can get it used in just as good of shape or even better!

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