Garden 2021 Plans

Well 2020 has been a wild ride and quite frankly I am ready for it to just be over, can we just skip the rest of 2020 because it feels like it may just continue this spiral downwards. Like most people I can’t take anymore of 2020 its just gotten to that insane level and we are only halfway through! In a previous post I wrote about my 2020 garden and how it was doing or really not doing this year. Some things that I planted have still yet to produce anything at all such as my broccoli & bell peppers however a lot of other things have started to fruit. I now have 3 official tomatoes, 4 watermelon growing strong, & like 30 ears of sweet corn growing. This year was sort of an experimental variety to see what grows best in ground vs. in containers; also because we didn’t get the timing down. The verdict is in and the ground will be the best option for our family and next year we will have more time to be able to that.
I have been busy with a whole lot of different things in our household. Home school prep, slowly stocking up for fall, quitting my job due to Covid, applying for help, & simply just trying to figure things out! There has been a whole lot of unexpected things happen this year and I don’t for see that quitting anytime soon. I think that we all should just get used to 2020, because it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon! In the spirit of preparing I am working on preparing my outdoor space alongside my inside space, meaning I need to get my prep-work done for next years garden now the best I can because who knows what is coming next. It doesn’t look like anything good that’s for sure. In a past post I mentioned that I needed to make the ground that I have to work with well workable the best that I can. For part of this years garden I used a tarp and placed it over the grass to prevent weeds or grass from growing anymore and to kill the grass so I could then in turn use it easier. I also just needed a clean-ish space to set all of my garden containers with out having to move them for mowing. That sounded like a complete nightmare so the tarp was the way to go. In doing this I discovered that putting more tarps or mats down over the sections of land that I wished to use for my next garden would be the way to go. I would in turn be able to work the land a little better and easier.
I don’t have any kind of equipment just a shovel that I borrowed from a family member. I will be getting my own and hopefully some kind of storage system for everything as well. My main goal is to be able to work the ground easier and without the right tools that will be near impossible. I am not really worried about weeds but I will be looking into ways to combat them for sure. I want to be able to dig into the land so that I can plant in ground and not have to use containers for anything really. In order to plant anything next year I need to have seeds. Just like anything else I am stocking up on, seeds are a necessity. They are a food source that if kept in the correct storage area they will last a very long time. I hope to make a seed library that will house thousand of seeds that my family and I can use for years to come as part of our main food source.

Everyone is stocking up on a lot of things including seeds so finding them online or in store is going to continue to become hard to find. It is best to start gathering the items you and your family will need in the future now even if you don’t get everything it is best to at least try to get some of it. I have had to compartmentalize a lot of items, picking and choosing what I will be getting this time around and what I will not because we cannot afford to get it all at once. If you are one of those people who can afford it all then go for it but we are just doing the best that we can for the time being. I definitely don’t want to go into the Fall of 2020 with out anything prepare because at this point in the game I feel like that is a very stupid move. Big things are coming well really bigger things are coming and I don’t want to be someone who is scrambling to get things done when it comes around. I don’t want that for my family. If you are not thinking about the future now then you should start because what just happened a couple of months ago with stores not getting what they need is going to happen again. The supply chains are not going to be able to keep up if/when people start buying up everything again. Food/item shortages are going to happen again! Be prepared.

A good tip for beginning your path to being prepared is to start planning a garden or something of the sort for spring 2021 now. You should lay it all out and figure out what it is going to take to get it done! What seeds are you going to have on hand? When are you going to start your seeds? When will you plant in ground? Are you planting in ground or container? Do you have a plan for watering? Do you have a way to protect your garden? What about pests?
These are the questions that you should be thinking about. Now a days a garden isn’t just a hobby it is also a source of food for your family you need to take this seriously and protect it! You will work hard to grow your own food, it takes a lot out of a person but it is definitely worth it in the end if you take good care of it. I don’t think a lot of us ever thought we may one day have to worry about not having our normal life things. We get so used to having these comfort items that we can’t imagine our lives with out them and I believe that those comfort items can disappear again like they did not too long ago. So don’t get too comfortable; things are changing constantly!

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