Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment

Trying to beat the summer heat has been full of a lot of indoor fun & activities. If you missed the last post you can check it out at the end of this blog post where I will link it. Today we did a science experiment for our activity using some simple items & ingredients in the kitchen. I remember making the baking soda and vinegar volcanoes growing up. It is exciting to see the mixture explode up high so I knew I had to share that experience with my kids.

The Science

The science behind the experiment according to Science Kids. “The baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a base while the vinegar (acetic acid) is an acid. When they react together they form carbonic acid which is very unstable, it instantly breaks apart into water and carbon dioxide, which creates all the fizzing as it escapes the solution.

What you need:

  • A bottle or container for the experiment (we used water bottles & to keep them from falling over we set them in some old formula containers)
  • Baking Soda
  • White Vinegar
  • Food Coloring (Optional)
  • (2) Funnels

Note: we put ours in baking pans to help contain to mess as we did our experiments inside due to extreme heat but you could do this outside instead.


1) Set your container on the table or where ever you are doing the experiment. Make sure it is set up so it doesn’t fall over. Like I mentioned above we set our bottles down in some containers so they would be sturdier.

2) Next measure 1-2 Tablespoons out of baking soda and pour into the container with one of the funnels. (we used two funnels one for baking soda & the other for the vinegar).

3) This step is optional we added a couple drops of food coloring in the container on top of the baking soda to give it some color.

4) Now take the vinegar and pour it in the container until it bubbles up and out. We did not measure this out it was clear to see what was enough as I poured it, so use your best judgement.

5) Watch the reaction & repeat as many times as you want!

Get a parent to help with this experiment. This was a fun hands on project/experiment for my boys to do, they just needed supervision and guidance to do the experiment. They loved when the mixture shot up into the air!

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Sanity Saving Home Activities for Kids

I have been trying to beat this summer heat wave we have been experiencing here in Iowa. It’s not summer in Iowa without the heat but it’s been very hot. Typically you just stay inside to cool down but like most people I am tired of being at home all the time! My house is always loud but this past couple weeks with this heat wave has been more than I can handle. My boys want to go outside but with how hot its been it’s just not plausible until it cools down just a bit. I as a mom am to the point where the regular inside activities are just not cutting it as both older boys keep asking when school is going to start back & I keep replying soon I hope. They are to the point that everything that is normally fun is just boring now! It is time for a change. I have come up with a list of new activities to do inside during this heat with my boys this summer! Hopefully this brings some much needed fun to our home and maybe yours too! I will be doing these one post at a time. The first craft is down below then will let you know what the next is at the end of this post!

DIY Glue Sun Catcher Craft by Betty Boiron at Mom Brite

Supplies Needed:

  • White Glue (Elmer’s)
  • Food Coloring
  • Toothpicks
  • Plastic lid (the lid Should be flexible enough so you can bend it to get the finished sun catcher out)
  • Hole Punch (I don’t have one so I just poked a hole big enough for string in the lid)
  • String
  • Foil or Parchment Paper (optional)


Note: Before me and my kids started the project I put foil down on the table as a table protector, you can use parchment paper or newspaper as well. Foil worked great!

1) Fill up your lid with the glue. (Enough to cover the surface of lid)

2) Add in about 3 drops of food coloring colors of your choice.

3) Using the toothpick swirl the food coloring into the glue, like so.

4) Now you will need to let the glue dry. Drying time will vary depending on how much glue you used. 2-3 days or longer.

5) Once glue is dry (when edges of glue start to peel), pop the sun catcher out of the lid very carefully.

6) Punch a hole in the sun catcher and add in string so that you can hang it up some place sunny.

Note: Our sun catchers some how got tilted during the drying process on the shelf I put them on they look a little wonky but still turned out pretty cool looking. Ours took about 3 days to dry completely. For the “string” I used an old onion bag cut into strips. I will be doing this one again because it got messed up but still wanted to finish writing this as it’s been three days already. Me and my boys still had a lot of fun with this even though it turned out wonky!
(the bigger the lid the more it will curl up)

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