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Homemade Yogurt: Cheese Cloth Hack

In my original post for homemade yogurt in the crock pot I had mentioned the optional way of straining the yogurt with a cheese cloth. I don’t have one so I opted to leave it with the whey in it; I have since found a sort of mom hack to this that I felt was worth sharing. If you have had infants or have a baby you may have a few of the muslin swaddle blankets on hand. I was thinking of a way to strain the yogurt without having to purchase something extra as I am the kind of person who tries to find multiple uses for the things that I have on hand. I set a bowl big enough to set my colander down into so it catches on the sides you don’t have to use a colander. I wanted something to rest my yogurt in the blanket on as it drained the whey out instead of re-soaking it back up. Then I laid the muslin blanket out over the colander and poured in my yogurt. Then I gathered up the blanket so that the yogurt was hanging in a bunch and then I twisted the fabric above it as it was hanging there using my other hand to gently squeeze the whey out. (Note: if you squeeze too hard yogurt will come out the blanket) The whey will easily drain down out of the yogurt, it does take a bit of time but the final product is worth it. You should end up with a thicker yogurt at the end. When you have strained the whey out to your liking simply set down the cloth and un-bunch it in another clean bowl then carefully scrape the thickened yogurt off the blanket into the new container with a rubber spatula.

Homemade Crock-Pot Yogurt

There’s always something new to learn even when you think you are not capable of learning. Recently I have been challenging myself to learn new things; coincidentally you have a lot of time during a quarantine. One of those things, making homemade yogurt in the crockpot. I have been thinking about it for sometime reading… Continue reading Homemade Crock-Pot Yogurt

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