Suddenly Homeschooling

And just like that overnight I became a teacher on top of my other motherly talents. Like most of the suddenly homeschooling parents out there I am kind of nervous on how this year is going to go but also excited. I am eager to set up our new little classroom and eager for our new curriculum to arrive in the mail. It will definitely be an adjustment for everyone but I am not worried. I gave birth to them after all and being a teacher is basically what I have done all of their lives and continue to do everyday. I just hope that I can make it as much fun as possible.
I have a mental checklist that I am running through I feel like most days I seem to forget something but I am working diligently to get it all together on top of everything else I do daily. We fortunately already have a area that will be our learning room it is normally a play room but it will work perfectly for a learning space in the mornings or whenever the learning takes place. We originally ordered our school supplies through the school my kids would have attended if it weren’t for COVID so just gotta get them when they arrive. I ordered some nifty containers from Lakeshore Learning for holding their books and they will work great for storing them out of the way after school has ended each day. It is just a special space that is unique for each boy in a color that is his own. I want to make things fun and make it unique for each of them. We opted out of backpack’s this year because we aren’t going anywhere so other options for that seemed like the way to go!

Our set up so far is a long white folding table set up in the corner of our play/learning room with some folding chairs that can be tucked away when we are not using them. The room has a closet that will double as a pantry/school supply room as well. This will keep little people out of important things. We are currently trying to accomplish a whole bunch of tasks in our house and homeschooling just happens to be one of the many. We are expanding our pantry area from the kitchen to the closet I mentioned a minute ago and the basement for longer term food storage. There are quite a few things happening in our household at the moment and at times it just seems impossible to accomplish but we are doing our best. If I had any advice for other people in the same situation as myself I would say that you just need to do what is best for you and your family. The opinions of everyone else can easily cloud your judgement but in the end you need to do you! Don’t worry about having the perfect set up for a homeschooling environment if this is what you want to do just do it. Simply sitting at the kitchen table will do just fine. Our learning area is far from perfect, it is just me doing what works for our family.

Today I was asked why we chose to go the home school route and just completely take our kids out of school instead of opting for the remote learning through our local school. My answer is complicated because our decision wasn’t just made up over one simple thing. Instead there were quite a lot of factors. 1.) Remote learning for our school was something you could apply for but it was not guaranteed for your family to get it. 2.) If we were to get chosen I would wonder who did not get chosen because we did and those people may not even have the option to do full on homeschooling as a back up. 3.) If we weren’t chosen then it might be too far into the school thing to back out and just do homeschooling because in our state there are cut off dates for certain learning options. 4.) If we were chosen for remote learning we would also be at the mercy of the school in the fact that what if they decided to cancel remote learning because it wasn’t working for them; therefore we would have to attend in person school in the end. 5.) At the tail end of last school year when schools closed down due to the beginning of COVID-19 both my husband & I felt that the system in play for sending work home was super unorganized; so I question how organized would it be this year only a few months later. 6.) Would the curriculum be at your pace or would my 1st grader fall behind if we weren’t quite ready to go to the next assignment. 7.) They only offered remote learning for Kindergarten and upwards so my preschooler would not be apart of the school year and we would still have to find something for him to do through the year.
For all of these various reasons we decided that the remote learning option at our local school wasn’t going to work for us. We will miss our school but I know it is for the best; I also have a feeling that this is only the beginning for us and that just maybe we will not be returning back to an actual school anytime soon! If you too are having mixed feelings about taking that plunge just know that in the end you need to do what is best for your family. Weigh out the pros and cons if you really don’t know the right path to take. We are lucky enough to be able to do this but we sort of felt like we didn’t really have a choice and it really was a no brainer. We didn’t like the feeling of playing with our kids lives taking this big chance. With cases going up dramatically in our area and school hasn’t been in session for months now, nobody knows what is going to happen when school starts on August 26th 2020. I feel like it is not going to work for a lot of schools I think that it is a big mistake to start school this Fall and that this needs to be planned out further than just a few months; when the schools close as I do believe that they will close I don’t want out family to get caught up in the whirlwind of chaos that will come along with it.

I have done some research recently just to see what other schools in the US are doing as far as COVID-19 procedures and day to day procedures. I also have looked into what other schools in other countries have done. To me it really looks more like an institutionalized prison really rather than a traditional school. School is supposed to have a fun feel to them where kids are free to be kids for the most part, but most of the classroom & school set ups on YouTube and the articles that I have read online just seem troubling to me and sort of impossible. As a mom I cannot see kids especially little kids having to wear masks and face shields all day long five days a week. It just doesn’t seem realistic. Then you add in the social distancing they are setting as basic rules for little kids to not do what little kids do just seems like a fantasy. It will not go the way they anticipate it to go is what I think will happen. I am glad we chose not to go that route. Things are already terrifying enough without that added unknown of what our kids would be exposed to on a daily basis. We have made our decision, the one that is best for us. I encourage anyone else to make the best decision for their family no matter what it is!

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