5 Ways To Help Kick Sickness to the Curb

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Around where I live here in Iowa Fall is in full swing. The leaves are falling to the ground and that winter chill is not far off as things begin to cool down. Even though 2020 has added to the usual sickness that you normally go through during Fall in Iowa sickness is sickness its all icky! I wanted to share some tips I use for myself and my family during those icky sick days & nights. This past week and part of last I have been dealing with sick kids and a teething cranky baby. How have I been able to manage?


I am a mom who fully believes in using whatever over the counter medications will work but when the usual Motrin or Tylenol isn’t quite cutting out the fever I need to intervene because sometimes they can’t handle those high fevers by themselves. One big way I help keep those pesky fevers at bay is to run a warm bath or shower depending on the kid or myself. It is important to not shock the body with a cold bath or shower and of course you don’t want to burn anybody with a super hot one so I keep it in the middle with a nice lukewarm to warm bath/shower. And when I can’t get my littles to get in a tub or if they are super HOT I will use the same water warmth and wet their hair instead! When their hair is wet it will help cool the rest of the body down as it cools down. No matter which way I cool them off I make sure to wrap them in a warm blanket or blankets to keep them from catching a chill!


Once I have the fever in check I need to soothe those little noses and throats and in my opinion there is nothing better than using a chest rub to help soothe a cough or stuffy/runny nose. Our favorite brand is Vicks Vaporub but I have used other brands when I just needed something! I will slather my kids and myself up; typically on the chest and back but I will sometimes coat the necks and bottoms of the feet (they need socks on afterwards). The vapor soothes the coughs and helps either open up the nasal passages so we can breathe better or just helps soothe our noses from all the runny noses.


Anytime sickness hits our house I always have a pot of some sort of brothy soup on the stove top. I love a good chicken noodle soup homemade when possible but canned is great too! The warm/hot liquid helps soothe sore throats and helps with clearing up nasal passages as well. It always makes the day so much more better and for just a bit you forget that you are sick; at least I do. In our house I am usually making a homemade soup; I fill a stock pot with water and some sort of protein surrounded with cut up vegetables and I bring that all to a boil. I then put it on a medium/low simmer for a few hours or until my protein is fully cooked through. Next depending on the type of protein I will either strain everything out if there are bones in it then add it back to the pot with out the bones. This step usually includes sorting out the meat from the bones then putting the meat and veggies back into the pot but if there were no bones I do not have to strain anything. I will then add in what ever spices and pasta if any into my broth and bring back to a boil until the pasta is cooked through and veggies should be tender. This is always a family favorite and super easy to make!


Soups or other warm/hot beverages are a great way to warm up and feel better when you are sick but another great way my family and I kick sickness to the curb is by enjoying something cold. It is not usually encouraged to have dairy or at least a lot of dairy when you are sick but sometimes depending on the type of sickness we enjoy the occasional cold treat. Usually its a nice bowl of ice cream but we also dabble in ice pops especially those that are made up of fruit by Outshine, Pineapple is my favorite. The extra vitamin C is an added bonus. We love our ice pops or ice cream in moderation. We have found that they help sore throats the most and sometimes after feeling awful for so long it is nice to have something to help pick up your spirits with a little joy!


Last but not least because it is number one, even though these weren’t in any particular order but this one should always be number one; WATER! Good old fashioned h2o is the number one way to kick any sickness to the curb. We enjoy drinking water to help keep us hydrated which helps loosen flehm and if its cold enough it helps the throat. I have found that sipping water helps settle my stomach when it is upset and it also helps me stop coughing or at least it helps the cough not be so bad. Water should be on everyone’s list in my opinion even if it is flavored because we all need water to live so there’s that!

Thanks for reading hope you find that these 5 tips for kicking sickness to the curb help you out in some way! Feel free to share with anyone who it may help as well.

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Clothing on a Budget

Kids grow quick! Not to mention how rambunctious they can be. My boys seem to grow like weeds and they never ever stay still, they are always on the move! They go through just about everything so quickly. Everything that we own has been through the ringer for sure. Toys have been played with; so much that even when the wheels fall off a car it then becomes a boat. They are always playing with anything and everything that they come across nothing is left out. If it can be climbed they climb it; always curious always on some kind of adventure.Whether they are in the back yard digging for dinosaur fossils or testing out some new experiment or invention their clothes seem to get the brunt of it. They either wear them out or they out grow them. Being tight on money as it is means we don’t buy our clothes new; especially kids clothes.

Where do you find cheap clothes?

There are several ways to find good clothing for kids with out buying over priced clothing.

Second Hand Clothing Stores
I have spent a tremendous amount of time going through the clothing racks at the Good Will or Used Kids Clothing Stores. Hanger after hanger; searching the price tags for the best deal possible. Most of the time leaving empty handed. While I am not ashamed to buy something that has already been worn I do have my standards. There is no sense to purchase something used if it is worn to a dither or stained up; it’s used and that is great but is it great for you. Search around your local area for used kids clothing stores most places will be toward the city or bigger towns. Sure there are some local shops and those are great too; I have found that some will have higher prices do to it being a local shop compared to a store in a bigger area; just something to keep in mind. Doesn’t everyone enjoy finding a great deal; second hand clothing stores are going to give you a chance to find some of the best deals you just need to turn your snob standards for clothing off. If your on a budget buying used will almost double maybe even triple the amount of clothing you can buy versus buying brand new because of lower prices! Now that’s a good deal.

Some of my favorites include:

Clearance Clothing Rack
Some days I am not able to just get up and go to a second hand clothing store; some days I shop my local stores to see what they have on their clearance racks at the time. Depending on where you live your stores are going to have different ways of rotating stock based on the seasons. Where I live we have all of the seasons; Summer, Fall, First Winter, Second Winter, & Spring. That means that once one season is over the next begins same with clothes one goes out, the other comes in. When clothes are on the out you should expect them to be reduced in price and eventually put on clearance. Clothing based around your favorite holidays will also make their way to the clearance rack as those holidays come and go just like the changing of seasons, so keep an eye out!

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Yard & Garage Sales
Around my area we always look forward to the Spring & Summer months as they bring all sorts of goodies including the yard sale! Most people know what those are but here’s a refresher just in case you don’t know; a yard sale or garage sale is a sale out of someones yard or garage they gather together all of their old stuff/junk that they don’t need anymore and sell it for reasonable prices to the public. You never know what your going to find and their is usually something for everyone. The prices are usually about the same price if not lower than you would find at a second hand store. If your in the market for a cheap wardrobe for you or your kids yard sales are definitely worth it.

What if buying clothes is a no?

Maybe your in a real pinch and have no budget for newer clothes or really to buy anything at all. A lot of times there are places like food pantries that have clothing instead or alongside the pantry. Ask around your local communities for information. Don’t be afraid to ask; it couldn’t hurt right? If you have access to social media I would check on your local Swap Pages. Calling up your local churches could also help as most food pantries or free meals come from or through church organizations; or they know the right direction to point you in. If you have access to the internet maybe through your local library take advantage of their WiFi and computer access to search the internet for help.
While your at you local library learn some new skills like how to sew by hand or with a sewing machine by watching a video on the computer. If the computers are all full try reading books that will teach you. A good way to save money on clothes is to make your own out of old clothes or other things like blankets and towels if you need them that badly! Get creative. Plus learning a new skill could help you start your own business for other people; which could help earn you money in the end.
If your like me with multiple children with in the same age range-ish you may be able to only buy newer clothes for the older one who would then pass the previous clothes down to the next youngest and so on. Enter, the wild world of hand me downs. Hand me downs are a way to really get a bang for your buck as the clothes get more use out of them from your family and sometimes they are passed along to another family to continue their long long life. Plus with that new sewing skill you can really make them go a lot farther.

Where there’s a will there’s a way! Don’t let a tight budget stop you from keeping your growing family clothed with good clothing. No need to pay full price for clothing as its just a waste of money, we all know that our children will just out grow them as fast as we can buy them!

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